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Dr Janine  Hayward

I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and have over 13 years’ NHS and private practice experience of delivering evidence-based therapies for adults and adolescents. I work with people struggling with stress in a variety of areas such as work, personal relationships and parenting, or various combinations of all these areas. I can help you if you struggle with low mood, low motivation, low self-esteem, perfectionism, trauma, work stress, anxiety and panic. I have worked with many adults whose lives are functioning yet feel unhappy and don’t know why, or feel something is missing, or that things are just not working well.

My couple’s experience in the NHS has focussed on sexual health and improving communication. I work with diverse cultural and sexual orientations and can explore issues around sex, communication, starting a family, expectations and values for married life and separation.

Prior to my NHS work, I spent 15 years in the banking and telecommunications industries which means I am uniquely placed to understand many of the pressures that arise from working in a commerce environment. I have an interest in working with people directly and indirectly impacted by cancer, dementia and chronic illness. I am a member of a special interest group for Cosmetic Surgery and work with Surgeons and clients seeking assessments and support prior to and after surgery.

I practice evidence-based approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Solutions Focused and Narrative Therapy. My expertise will help you grow resilience to ensure you do not lose sight of your values, identity and needs. I also undertake supervision of other psychologists.

I work with a range of healthcare insurers such as WPA, Aviva, AXA (limited to £100), Vitality (limited to £100), Cigna, Allianz Worldwide Care. My preference is for Self-pay, WPA, Aviva and Allianz client. I am registered with HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), which upholds high  standards in professional codes of practice, qualification and ongoing training.

What clients say about working with Janine

“Janine was simple brilliant!”

Ms CP, London

“I had sessions with Janine and it was very useful, giving me the tools to think about my mental health in a much more practical and realistic way, and also teaching me a much more healthy approach to conflict also. Instantly there was a positive impact which has been fantastic. So now it feels like I am truly coming out of the woods which is wonderful. There is no doubt the lessons I had with Janine were helpful for this, it has given me a realistic perspective of anxious thoughts via meditation which has been calming. I also really appreciated Janine’s calming yet pragmatic style she took. By being friendly and assuring, Janine was able to make big deals in my head feel like little things, that is just what I needed.
Mr CR, London (August 2021)

“Janine has been amazing and helped me a lot to be able to feel better again and have a better relationship with my husband. Honestly she is perfect. She is very professional and she cares a lot. Thank you so much for the recommendation. It was really helpful.” Ms MM, London (couple work)

“Janine  has been fantastic in helping my partner and I. We have much to still do but feel very hopeful we will reach a positive outcome”. Ms MV Couple work (August 2021)
Her work [Dr Janine Hayward] with me was very informative, thought provoking, challenging, on so many levels. The work she would do and the notes,  that she would send to me after our sessions were so helpful. It’s like she built up this little novel of me. She just did not sit there and pay lip service. This is something that I never got from my previous counselling. So I could build on things every week going forward. I can’t recommend Janine highly enough”. September 2021 JP, London
“I would recommend Janine. She was really approachable and completely understood my position but also made me think etc. She provided me with homework and interesting readings which were a great way to teach myself how to channel anxiety”. Ms I.E. December 2021