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Sigmund Freud

Dr Siobhan McCarthy

Dr Siobhan McCarthy and her associates are senior therapists offering high quality and timely therapy. Dr McCarthy is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology with 25 years experience in the NHS and in private practice. The service provides therapy and counselling for adults, children, young adults, couples and families. We are mostly located in the South London area of Dulwich, but now offering services online across the UK and internationally.

Siobhan McCarthy
Siobhan McCarthy

Siobhan McCarthy

Siobhan McCarthy is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology with 25 years experience in the NHS and in private practice. The service provides therapy and counselling for adults, children, young adults, couples and families. In addition to my wealth of knowledge on mental health I have a special interest in parenting. I am located in the South London area of Dulwich, but now offering services online across the UK and internationally.

Why Choose Me?​

  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

  • I am a fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS)

  • In the BPS Register of Chartered Psychologists.

  • I am also a senior practitioner member (MBACP) of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

  • I am HCPC registered and approved (my registration number is PYL18777).

  • Honours degree in Psychology.

  • Masters in Health Psychology.

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

  • Second Masters in Family/Couple Systemic Therapy.

  • DBS checked to an enhanced level.

  • 25 years of clinical experience across the NHS and in private practice.

  • Rated in the top 3 psychologists in the UK by 2 independent website. 

  • 70+ 5 star reviews on Google

What Clients Say About Me?

Based on 70 reviews
Olajide Olatunji
Olajide Olatunji
Siobhan has literally been the most important thing to me this past year. Before, I felt lost and mentally was really going through a lot. I was ok and was in need of some serious guidance. Siobhan came through and helped me tremendously. She really helped me truly understand my mind. Helped me find a purpose and understand what my values are. I would 100% recommend using her if you can. Thank you so much Siobhan 🙂
Elena B
Elena B
It found it really useful to work with Siobhan post partum and to work some blended family difficulties I have.
Leah Green
Leah Green
Siobhan is amazing and helped me when I was having one of the most busy and transformative years of my life. I’ve never been able to do mindfulness before but she taught it to me in a way that made sense and she also gave me the tools and confidence to manage difficult situations in a more constructive way.
I can highly recommend Dr Siobhan McCarthy. She is warm, friendly and non judgemental. She immediately puts you at ease and is easy to talk to. She helped me during a difficult period this year and set me up with tools that I could use in certain situation I face. Thanks again Siobhan
Romy Curtis
Romy Curtis
I honestly can't recommend Siobhan enough, she has helped me through the most challenging times of my life, not only is she a warm, understanding and a lovely woman, she was nothing but supportive and committed to helping me, she has given me the confidence to believe in myself again and make better choices, Siobhan never once judged me and she made me feel at complete ease and provides a safe space to open up. I honestly would not be in the position I am today without her. I would not hesitate to use her again.
Louise Humphrey
Louise Humphrey
Hands down the best therapist I have seen, Siobhan has helped me develop the skills I need to manage life and get the best out of my relationships with people.
Samantha Fell
Samantha Fell
What a great help Dr McCarthy has been. So happy she is helping us to find our solution. Thank you.
Lucy Thompson
Lucy Thompson
I made contact with Dr McCarthy a while ago now but wanted to express my gratitude with a review. I was suffering from travel and passenger anxiety whilst being driven or while flying. I was slowly becoming worse to the point where I was a danger and it was affecting my life. With no judgement and a warm, friendly, calm approach together we talked. With encouragement and the tools she taught me I overcame my problem. I know, that should I need help again in the future I wouldn't hesitate to make contact. I can't recommend Siobhan enough.
Thomas Vessey
Thomas Vessey
Siobhan is a 20 out of 10 without a doubt. If my world were a stormy sea and I a boat trying not to be dashed on the rocks, Siobhan would be my light house. I have to sail my boat but she certainly lit the way for me. Her thoughtful and practical approach allowed me to open up which is something I find very difficult but also to create positive momentum in my life. I can’t thank or recommend her enough.
siri rose
siri rose
I cannot thank Siobhan enough for how she changed my perspective on life. I went to Siobban in a worst mental state not having ANY interest on life in general followed by few traumatic experiences and a personal tragedy. She helped me cross my own mental barriers and gave a new perspective to my bottled up feeligs. She is very compassionate and composed all the time which is what we need a therapist to be. After my parents and few very close friends, if there is anyone I should be thankful for what I'm today , it got to be this kind lady. I have tried 2 therapists before coming to Siobhan and I could instantly feel why they say you need a 'connection' with your therapist just like how you feel with a particular friend. I'm so glad I found Siobhan and would highly recommend to anyone who is feelig mentally tough to move forward in life and even struggling to name their feelings. That's how I was when I reached out for help.

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Adult therapy

Couple therapy

Couples therapy

Child, adolescent and family therapy

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Individual sessions

Dr Siobhan McCarthy (Clinical Director) £180
Senior Associates* £150

Couple and Family sessions

Dr Siobhan McCarthy (Clinical Director) £200
Senior Associates* £170

*(All associates are vetted and senior grade Doctor of Psychology with an average of 15 years post-doctorate experience).

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All My Associates Are Skilled Clinicians with an Average of 15 Years Experience

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