Couple Therapy

What we can help with and what others say about us.




 I am a fully qualified family and couple therapist having obtained a Masters from the Institute of Family Therapy in 2010.

Me and my colleagues work to hear from both of you about your experiences and what you hope for from sessions. I will ensure that everyone is heard and that sessions are respectful and productive to allow communication to grow. If appropriate, I may meet with you separately if there are particular things you would prefer to discuss privately.


“I can not recommend Dr McCarthy enough, she has changed my life. She has given me the confidence to move forward and skills which I continue to use every day. Everyone around me has noticed a change in me, I am more at ease and a lot less anxious. I have accomplished things I never thought I would be able to. The ‘therapy room’ is comforting and secure, I felt very comfortable talking to her from the first session. Thank you!”

Emma Jones, London

“We worked with Siobhan as a couple. The sessions were really effective, and the results came much sooner than we were hoping for; in fact we saw a significant improvement after the very first one. A big part of that success was that we could establish connection with Dr McCarthy very quickly – she comes across as someone who is unquestionably professional but also very warm and personable. We highly recommend her. “

Mik Tea

I tried two therapists before seeing Siobhan and she was head and shoulders above the others.  I’ve seen her for a long period with some gaps and in that time have come through difficult episodes of depression, when at times I was fearful I would never recover. Through working together with Siobhan I now feel confident I have the tools to bring me through low periods and live life in a much more joyful, balanced and positive way. My husband and I also had some joint counselling. Siobhan is warm, perceptive, constructive and truly expert in her field. She’s made an enormous difference to my life and to my family. I’d recommend her hugely.

Robert Payne, London