Perinatal and Parenting

What we can help with and what others say about us.




Me and my colleagues want to help with the hardest job of all – parenting! We are here to help you adjust to, or cope and thrive at being a parent. We can help you look at the factors which get in the way of good parenting, whether it’s energy, tiredness, mood, relationships, work pressures, isolation, trauma or your own or others high expectations.

We want to help you explore what is happening and to give you the space to review you circumstances. We are here to support you, encourage you and to give you helpful hints or reading material on parenting children at their various stages of development from newborns up to young adults and beyond. 


“I have had psychotherapy in the past but not for a few years. The first few months of this year were really tough for me and I was having a hard time balancing the demands of a very ill parent, young children, work…and keeping myself level. I had heard about Dr McCarthy through a family member and I am so very glad I contacted her. She has a results driven approach – very focussed and practical while also being warm, receptive and empathetic. At the first session we made a list of my goals for the course of appointments and Siobhan would refer to these regularly throughout treatment to make sure we stayed on track. We actually achieved the desired outcomes earlier than expected and Siobhan suggested we didn’t need the final session we had booked in. I was so impressed with her abilities. I have had some real lightbulb moments and feel now have a lot of new skills and coping mechanisms to get through the tough times, as well as a much deeper insight into the history behind my own thoughts and reactions as well as those of my nearest and dearest. I cannot recommend Dr McCarthy enough if you are having any kind of struggle – work or personal. She will be straight with you at all times, and will guide you and push you to make connections for yourself rather than letting you visit her endlessly without feeling you have actually resolved anything. She is extremely wise and I hope she finds the time to write a book around some of her most insightful observations about how humans function and interact with each other and society as a whole as I think the world could really benefit from her wisdom.”

L. Scott

“I saw Siobhan after having my first baby. I had a whole load of feelings and baggage that I needed help working through. She was so helpful and nonjudgmental and gave me the tools and the space I needed to process all my feelings. I highly recommend her. Thank you Siobhan. “

Ms Wadsworth

I’d like to add my own recommendation for Dr McCarthy. I had severe post natal anxiety after the birth of my first son and was lucky enough to find Siobhan when I really needed her. She has helped me through some very difficult times with compassion, empathy, professionalism and practical advice. I am out the other side now and am so grateful to Siobhan for being a large part of my recovery (alongside other treatments).
PND is a very difficult illness so having someone with experience in this area really helps.
Luckily we were able to use health insurance through my husband’s work to cover the cost and it was really easy to do so (via Aviva). Similar to above, please do PM me if you have any questions about Dr McCarthy or PND in general.

HRMLP, London.  Taken from a review left on the East Dulwich Forum

“My mum and I went to see Dr Siobhan McCarthy as we needed some help with our relationship as mother and daughter. The sessions have been invaluable and our relationship has improved immensely. I have learnt so much about myself, my family system and this in turn has had a positive effect on all of my relationships, it’s been truly life changing. I can’t recommend and thank Dr Siobhan McCarthy enough for her wonderful work.”

L. Banfield