Uk Psychologist Katja

Dr Steve Coen

I am a qualified and experienced Doctor of Clinical Psychologist (DClinPsy) and Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) providing evidence-based support to adults and adolescents who are experiencing emotional and psychological difficulties. I have a wealth of experience in helping individuals overcome mental health challenges in order to reconnect with their values and areas of life that are important to them such as work, family and friends and getting back in touch with activities that bring enjoyment and pleasure.

I take a collaborative, flexible approach to therapy; providing a safe, calm environment in which to explore problems together. As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, I have trained in a variety of psychotherapy approaches (cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), systemic therapy and psychodynamic therapy, and am experienced in supporting individuals at all stages of life.

I recognise the importance of client confidentiality and the difficulty many people experience in seeking help and talking about very personal experiences. I am experienced in supporting people with LGBTQ+ related concerns.  I recognise the impact mental health can have on daily life and have witnessed therapy be an effective way to help people cope and overcome such problems and re-engage with life.