Corporate Training & Support




We can offer individual or group training programmes and support to address a range of work related areas, see below for some example;
  • Managing stress and its effects in the workplace
  • Avoiding burnout and reducing sickness levels
  • Training Mental Health First Aider. for reduced stress and increase focus and productivity
  • Covid and mental health
  • Empathic leadership
  • Perfectionism.
  • Workplace wellness for manager and staff. 
  • Improving staff engagement
  • Workplace bullying – how to recognising and survive it 
  • Increasing productively and performance
  • Work life balance/home working challenges
  • Pastoral care of staff for managers
  • Understanding the needs of staff who are on long term mental health leave
  • Return to work support
  • Anxiety and public speaking
  • Dealing with imposture syndrome- Gaining your confidence back
  • Working through workplace trauma- Critical events 
  • Career coaching
The above list is not exhaustive, we can provide bespoke training tailored to your organisational needs. 
Please contact me to set up you training sessions which can be offered online or in person. Please contact for more information and prices. 

What clients say about our corporate work.

Corporate session to help financial advisers deal with clients who have upsetting life events: 

“I wrote down lots of snippets and simple things to remember when having sensitive conversations with clients (and anyone) such as pacing and room positioning, which should be invaluable.”

 “I definitely gained from the session and used some of the tips in a meeting earlier today with a client recently diagnosed with cancer.”

 “I took away some useful pointers on how to manage awkward situations going forward.”

 “I found the session very useful, I think it helped to build a better perspective on how to deal with some difficult situations”

“All in all a great session that I would be happy to recommend to anybody considering doing a similar thing”.